Tips for Happier, Healthier Holiday Travels

Traveling can bring up all sorts of emotions within us; anxiety, excitement, awe, fear, anticipation, and the opportunity to step outside of ‘normal’ life for a while, to discover new parts of the world and new aspects of ourselves. No matter where we travel to – whether near or far from home – there’s always … Read more

Full June Super Moon In Sagittarius

If you’ve been keeping up with the full moon blog series, you’ll know that a full moon is a time of particularly powerful energy. Emotions can be heighted and desires can be manifested more easily, and you may feel more intuitive or extroverted. A full moon is the peak of energy through the lunar cycle, … Read more

Holistic Tips For A Healthy Summer

If you’ve read my seasonal living blog posts before, you’ll know that each season holds a very different energy, and in order to feel our best year-round, we benefit from shifting our lifestyle habits season-to-season. Living seasonally doesn’t mean you have to make huge life changes every few months, but small and simple yet impactful … Read more

The 5 Steps To Creating Healthy Habits

Studies show that between 40-95% of what we do each day is habitual. Our morning bathroom routine, commute to work, the thoughts and conversations we have throughout the day, how we choose to relax in the evening and the last few things we do before bed are often made up of habits. Some habits are … Read more

Studio Spotlight: The Good Rooms Muswell Hill

This month we caught up with Jamie Glassman, studio owner of The Good Rooms in Muswell Hill. Previously a comedy writer, producer and performer, in 2019 Jamie decided to follow his passion his and open a Hot Yoga Studio, one year later and the pandemic hit. He talks about how the business was affected and … Read more

Full Moon In Libra: Back To Balance

As we find ourselves firmly settled into Spring, perhaps you can now more readily feel the qualities of lightness, brightness, upliftment and movement this phase of the year holds. Whilst Autumn and Winter are governed by a more ‘yin’ energy, encouraging a more introverted, restful, quiet and contemplative lifestyle, Spring and Summer are the ‘yang’ … Read more

Self-Care For Mental Health – Yogamatters Blog

What does ‘self-care’ mean to you? For some, it may conjure up images of bubble baths and massage; for others it might look like a dynamic yoga class and green juice; and for others it may simply look like getting a decent night’s sleep. The phrase ‘self-care’ has made its way firmly into the center … Read more

3 Ways To Switch Off

As we move towards the season of bank holidays, long weekends and Summer vacations, there are more opportunities to schedule in some rest and relaxation, and dedicated time to ‘switch off’. Whilst the feeling of rejuvenation we can experience after a week in the sun or simply a couple of hours immersed in nature, it’s … Read more

5 Ways To Detox Your Lifestyle

Spring and Summer are the seasons when ‘detoxing’ seems to work its way up to the top of the self-care list for many of us. Whether it’s due to over-indulging in the Winter months, wanting to feel lighter and brighter, or just as a way to reinvigorate ourselves from the inside-out, ‘detoxing’ is a self-care … Read more