Grilled Crostini with Roasted Cherries & Goat Cheese

I’ve been SO excited to share this brand new, fun and flavorful appetizer with you that’s perfect for the Fourth of July and everything else you might be celebrating this summer. Over the past few years, I’ve loved creating super unique apps and bites for the fall and winter holidays, so I knew I wanted to add some fresh summer appetizers to your repertoire.

These grilled crostini have juicy roasted cherries, light and creamy goat cheese, and a sprinkle of fresh basil to tie them together. Every bite is truly a flavor explosion. The cherries are roasted with a little pure maple syrup and lemon zest, giving them a lovely sweetness that’s perfectly balanced with the tangy goat cheese.

This roasted cherry and goat cheese grilled crostini is incredibly easy to make but feels really fun and elevated – AKA appetizer goals! I’ve included easy ways to customize them with what you might have on hand, as well as simple ways to prep them ahead of time. Serve these at your next BBQ or girls’ night and get ready to impress everyone.

Everything you’ll need to make grilled crostini with roasted cherries

These flavorful grilled crostini require just a few simple ingredients but turn into the perfect app that feels a little fancy! Here’s everything you’ll need to make them:

  • Bread: I like to use a french baguette because it’s easy to slice and even easier to grill. Each crostini holds up the toppings perfectly. Day-old bread works just fine!
  • Cherries: we’re roasting dark, sweet cherries with olive oil, a little pure maple syrup and lemon zest. I highly recommend using a cherry pitter for ease!
  • Goat cheese: creamy, slightly tangy goat cheese pairs deliciously with the sweet cherries.
  • Basil: top each crostini with basil ribbons for a wonderful hint of freshness.

cherries on a baking sheet for roasting

Make these grilled crostini your own

There are tons of different ways to customize your grilled crostini! Here are some more fruit & cheese ideas that would be delicious:

  • For the goat cheese: feel free to use ricotta instead like in this recipe! You could also add a slice of brie if you’d like.
  • For the cherries: I love the flavor that sweet cherries have when they’re roasted, but you could also swap them for roasted berries (like strawberries in this recipe).
  • To make gluten free: simply slice up your favorite gluten free baguette or loaf.

roasted cherries on a baking sheet

How to make these roasted cherry & goat cheese grilled crostini

  • Roast the cherries. Start by tossing your pitted & halved cherries in olive oil, maple syrup & lemon zest. Then roast them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper until they’re nice and juicy.
  • Grill the bread. While the cherries are roasting you can grill your french baguette slices for 2 minutes on each side until they’re slightly golden brown. They grill very fast, so watch carefully!
  • Assemble the croutons. Once the crostini are cool, top each one with a spread of goat cheese, a spoonful of cherries & their juices, and a sprinkle of torn basil. Serve & enjoy!
  • roasted cherry and goat cheese grilled crostini on a serving tray

    Make them ahead of time

    If you’re making these for a BBQ or party and want to save some time, I’d suggest pitting and halving your cherries the day before and storing them in the fridge so that you can easily toss them and roast them before serving. You can also slice up your baguette and basil ribbons for ease!

    grilled crostini with roasted cherries and goat cheese on a platter

    Storing tips

    These roasted cherry goat cheese crostini are best eaten on the same day, so I’d recommend only assembling ones that will be eaten. You can store the cherries and goat cheese separately in the fridge to assemble the next day, too!

    roasted cherry and goat cheese crostini on a platter

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    I hope you love these grilled crostini with roasted cherries, goat cheese & basil. If you make them be sure to leave a comment and a rating so I know how you liked them!

    Grilled Crostini with Roasted Cherries, Goat Cheese & Basil

    You only need a handful of ingredients and under an hour to make these beautiful grilled crostini with juicy roasted cherries, creamy, tangy goat cheese and fresh basil. This easy and delicious grilled crostini recipe is the perfect appetizer for summer parties or anytime you’re entertaining!

    • 1 french baguette, cut diagonally into 1/2 inch slices

    • For the roasted cherries:

    • 4 cups fresh dark sweet cherries, pitted and halved

    • 1 tablespoon olive oil

    • 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup

    • 1 teaspoon lemon zest

    • For the goat cheese:

    • 8 ounces goat cheese log

    • To garnish:

    • Fresh basil ribbons

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

  • Add the pitted and halved cherries to the pan, then drizzle with olive oil, maple syrup and lemon zest; toss together then spread the cherries into a single layer. Bake for 25-30 minutes until cherries are nice and juicy.

  • Meanwhile, preheat the grill to 400 degrees F or medium high heat. Grill each side of the crostini for approximately 2 minutes or until slightly golden brown, watching carefully so they crostini do not burn. Set aside onto a platter.

  • Once the crostini are cool enough to safely handle, top each one with a smear of goat cheese, followed by a spoonful of roasted cherries and their juices. Finish off the crostini with a sprinkling of torn basil. Crostini are best served immediately.

  • How to make ahead: to save some time, I’d suggest pitting and halving your cherries the day before and storing them in the fridge so that you can easily toss them and roast them before serving. You can also slice up your baguette and basil ribbons for ease!


    Servings: 18 servings

    Serving size: 1 crostini (based on 18)

    Calories: 100kcal

    Fat: 6.7g

    Saturated fat: 2.1g

    Carbohydrates: 13.3g

    Fiber: 1.1g

    Sugar: 5g

    Protein: 3.8g

    Recipe by: Monique Volz // Ambitious Kitchen | Photography by: Eat Love Eats

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